Monday, 4 February 2013

5 Guys You Should Never Date

If you find yourself having a series of bad luck with men, don't blame your luck just yet -- you've probably been getting into a relationship with the wrong guy. Spare yourself the potential heartache: Lisa Helmanis identifies five "bad-news boys" you should never get involved with.

1. The married man
It's obvious why dating married men is a bad idea. Falling in love with a guy who already belongs to someone else entails countless painful sacrifices on your part. You cannot have him all for yourself, you have to keep your affair a secret, you can't be seen together in public, and he can only call you when he can find the time away from his family and friends. Not to mention all the potential stigmas that could plague you if your relationship is exposed. And from the moral point of view, extramarital affair is wrong.

2. The dominator
This guy takes an interest in everything you do, from the way you dress, who's in your phone list, the way you arrange your room to how your friends treat you. At first it may feel wonderful to have this attentive man who genuinely cares about what's going on in your life, "but pretty soon he is telling you how to look, what to wear and what to eat for breakfast. 
A control freak can be extremely charming in a new relationship, but once he feels secure he starts to become pushy and controlling. Being a control freak is not about love, although he'll tell you it is. It’s about power, you should leave the relationship before your confidence does.
3. The broken heart
He's the guy who seems so sensitive and caring when you first meet and tells you the heart-wrenching story of his past broken relationship. And soon you'll find out that he's still nursing a broken heart from the relationship he had with someone ten years ago. 
Basically, you're transitional woman in a nurse's uniform. Face it, if he lives in a haze of self-indulgent gloom and loves the drama of his own misery, you'll never get through no matter how much time you spend trying to mend his broken heart. So give up and get going.

4. The smoothie
He's suave, sports designer suits, has a glitzy social life, owns an expensive apartment and zips around town in a flashy convertible. He loves lavishing women with lots of attention, and has you feeling like a princess with his constant showers of gifts, flowers and exotic dinners.
Problem is, you may not be the only chick in this Casanova's life. Men like that are very likely to be a misogynist. He can't see past the skirt to one special individual.

5. The drain
You'll recognize a Drain because this guy constantly saps you -- emotionally, financially and/or physically. He hates his life, can't stop complaining about his job, blames everyone else for his own laziness, and essentially relies on you to bolster his poor self-image. 
Guys like that are really nothing more than selfish, spoiled whiners who don't understand the concept of responsibility or self-respect; they 
lose their temper over nothing and use you as an emotional punchbag. Get them out of your life and lock the doors.

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