Sunday, 20 January 2013

Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

A lot of people especially young adults and teenagers almost always find themselves struggling with the challenges bordering on sex and sexual satisfaction. Some never get enough and have even slipped into what has been defined as sex addiction. If you find yourself involved in this, the following points might help you determine if you're going too far.
  • Do you frequently engage in more sex and with more partners than you would ordinarily want to?
  • Are you always preoccupied with thoughts of sex or persistently crave for sex? 
  • Do you continually engage in excessive sexual practices despite (truly) desiring to stop or wanting to sincerely limit sexual activities with little or no success?
  • Do you find yourself always thinking of sex or sex-related activities to the detriment of your other activities? 
  • Do you spend substantial amount of time in activities related to sex, such as engaging in sexually explicit discussions or deliberately visiting pornographic sites on the internet?
  • Do you (even once in a while) neglect or forget important obligations such as work, school, domestic chores or family responsibilities because of sex?
  • Do you insist on engaging in sexual activities despite being aware of certain unfavorable consequences such as health risks or moral concerns?
  • Do you go out of your way just to achieve sexual satisfaction such as visiting the prostitutes of paying for sex?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable, restless, irritable or unfulfilled when you cannot engage in sexual activities?
If three or more of the points above apply to you, you may well be having a sex addiction problem. And seeking for help wouldn't be a bad idea.

By Chidozie Mario


  1. Yup!that was me right there!a real sex addict for no stupid not like I was doing it for the money,just screwing myself &making my body a hotel room for nothing.
    Thank Jehovah snapped out of it bfore it destroyed me.
    Now when I look back @ my escapedes,I keep asking 'girl what were u thinking?'It demeans u as a person &ur self worth.
    I grew up in a strong spiritual home with soo much love but was just defiling my was when I put a name to the disease that I had the presence of mind to STOP it!
    Bullet 1,3&7 was me right there.I pray soo hard now to Jehovah to see me thru all the been 5months &counting without any form of sexual activity: no kissing,necking or whatever.I hope to keep this way till I marry &i sure feel gr8 abt it!
    Sex is overrated,abstinence is best!

    1. Abby, I thank God for giving you the grace to realize that you needed to put a stop to all those escapades. All you have to do now is to set yourself free from the memories of the past and then capitalize on the Grace of God so you don't give in again to the demands of the flesh.

  2. Nice blog. I had similar issues, I'm still dealing with funny thought but yesterday made it four months since I last had any contacts with any1. No kissing nothing. As a girl I was molested and expose to sexual stuffs. This upset me a lot and the fact that my dad and I weren't close affected me immensely. I needed him to reassure me that I was prefect but I never got that. Mind you my dad is a caring father and very responsible but we never had a relationship. Father daughter bond. As I grew older I developed very quickly and that got me a lot of unwanted attention from guys. I was very naive and innocent and thought guys just wanted to be my friend but I dis not know they were after my body. I got squeezed a lot whether i wanted it ir not. Luckily enough I stayed a virgin till i was 17 even after the several molestations, I travelled abroad at age 16 and at 16 I was living alone. Still carrying my stupid innonence around and I got abused sexually( raped) and since then I just gave in to the fact that I was supposed to be abused and it was okay to be used. I hated myself most times, I asked myself a lot if it was a curse to be pretty and sexy. Because it just did not make sense to me. Some times I go months without sex thinking I'm making a progress and later slip up. Sex was a get away for me, it became a stress reliever, it became a way I could control guys and make them feel worthless as they made me feel. I'm 22 now I had to go through a difficult process of forgiving all those who hurt me. From the uncle who dried humped me @ age 11 to the house boy who was playing with my gentials at age 5, to the family friend who did the same I had to forgive them all for exposing me to what I did not bargain for and what eventually lead to me ruining my life. Then I forgave the rapist. Lastly I forgave myself, sexual addiction is demonic, I'm learning to fight the demonic thoughts, and so help me God I will go many years till I find the prefect person who God has ordained for me. It hasn't been an easy road. But with God all things are possible.

    1. Hello, I thank God for the grace He has given you to realize that sexual addiction is demonic and is not the best for you. You have done the very right things, from forgiving those that hurt you sexually including yourself, to deciding to forsake your old ways and trusting in God never to go back to them. God has created every one of us beautiful, but the way we use our beauty is up to us. The Lord is you strength.

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