Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Causes of Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is not a ‘disease’ whereby someone is a helpless victim.  They are victims, of course, and the addict himself may have been victimized when young, but as an adult is responsible for his choices and behavior.  Calling it a ‘disease’ implies we can’t control it and that we are therefore free to let it go.  This can be justification for the addict and an excuse for their mate.  While sexual addiction does have great power over us, it can be overcome!

Surveys reveal that most sexual addicts come from severely dysfunctional families.  Usually at least one other member of these families has another addiction.  This is true in 87% of the cases.

Inconsistent parental nurturing and love definitely can contribute to sexual addiction.  It destroys a child’s natural desire for intimacy and makes them suspicious of the ‘good times.’

A sense of parental betray when they need to feel emotional and spiritual love and support can make a person susceptible to turning to sex to find security.

Insufficient parental teaching and modeling can leave a child without a solid foundation of love and respect.  When they are taught that intimacy brings pain then they soon learn it is safer to withdraw emotionally from others.  Substitutes are needed to meet needs for intimacy.

Stress can contribute as youth seek to escape or avoid stress by use of sex.  Often this is modeled by their parents and passes from generation t generation.

Early sexualization by sounds, sights and touches that are inappropriate can cause a child to assign an improper place to sex in life.

Child abuse is a major contributor to sexual addiction in adults.  Research has shown that a very high correlation exists between childhood abuse and sexual addiction in adulthood.  97% of sex addicts have been emotionally abused as a child, 83% have been sexually abused and 71% have been physically abused.
Some children are impacted more than others by child abuse.  This is influenced by the innate personality differences of various children.  Also, some have a strong supportive relationship with an adult that helps them grow through the abuse.
While these things contribute to causing sexual addiction in a person, there is a deeper root cause that needs to be understood

 By Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer

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